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Our objective is to put on a well organized race. A race that represents the host agency and expands awareness of that agency's mission. To provide a safe and runner friendly event that sets the foundation for future years. We have experience and are a recognizable race planner in the tri-state.

If you are interested in finding out more about our services, please call Alan at 606-369-4403 or email (

Race Services

We have been serving the tri-state for six years. Most organizations do not have either the manpower and/or the knowledge to put on a successful running event. Our service walks you thru the planning, setup and finally the race.

Each of the races we direct is a building block and marketing tool for every other race under our direction. Race to race promotion and putting on quality events strengthens all the races under our umbrella.

Let us serve your organization in gaining community awareness and fundraising. At the same time join us in promoting a healthy tri-state!

Thanks..... Alan

Best Services

We strive to achieve the best services for your organization. Below, we list just a few of the services we offer.